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Here I express my gratitude for the year 2013 for your support and the many happy faces, we hear in the year 2014 again, thank you! Mixcloud: http://goo.gl/oYt3Ij / Facebook: http://goo.gl/vvSC07 Continue reading

Deep Love Volume 7 | Fatalgroove

AM-Concept – ID

the project of DJ´s Knitram & Nyana, had been established in 2001. At that time it had been still named HOUSEbar. Their interest in electronic music was born performing at various events and parties, but above all, it was during in their Mediterranean Sea vacation together on the “Rave & Cruise.”

At that point, the first joint events were planned and in the works. The first sound that DJ Knitram and DJ Nyana produced was on the 1st of May 2002, which gave the start to the progressive life of AM-Concept. In 2002, they were confronted with progressive music. With that inspiration, they really got the feeling for this type of the music.

Over the years, they put their stamp on their type of music and came up with their own deep progressive sound. At the same time they were influenced by notable producers and DJ´s like Tarkan, Sultan and Facundo Mohrr. Their expertise was also being appreciated abroad, such as in Poland and Austria. You cannot compare their sound with well known house and trance music, you cannot describe sound, it just gets under your skin and you really start to feel sound. What are you waiting for? Check out their website and let their

sound create goosebumps for you….. http://am-concept.eu


one Night one Family 3 | Fatalgroove

one Night one Family 3

one Night one Family 3 http://snd.sc/13DL76e

one Night one Family 3 Playlist | Fatalgroove

#00:00 Giovanni Ikome – The Deep Anthem
#04:47 Kurtz, Gabbi – Fade To Grey
#13:03 Mikel, Kai Anschau – Especial Una (Original Mix)
#21:33 Reece Johnson – Make Room (Funkelastiks Crazy Sax Remix)
#25:49 Miles Sound – Mexican Word Sauce (Joe Chan & Cassette Remix)
#33:25 Hermanez – Spank (Original Mix)
#37:48 Reece Johnson – Make Room (Original Mix)
#43:02 Peter Wagner – Tell Me What You Want Feat. Sabrina Carnevale (Original Mix)
#49:22 Steve Murrell, Jay Deep – Lifting (Original Mix)
#55:38 Dale Hooks – Mind Don’t Work (Original Mix)

Mixcloud” http://i.mixcloud.com/CDJvVQ
Soundcloud” http://snd.sc/17JC9Xp

Deep Love Volume 1



Entspannt Durch Tanzen für Umsonst und So

Brauch keine beschreibung, man muss es nur auf sich wirken lassen !!! Du musst es nur wollen, es dauert auch nur 1h3min58sec. *Versprochen* Entspannt Durch Tanzen für Umsonst und So !!! “mix by Fatalgroove” (Decksharks / Essen)

“Durch Tanzen”

“Umsonst und So”