New Realese YULIO “Future Elqui” (Kraftoptical Recordings)

New Realese YULIO “Future Elqui” (Kraftoptical Recordings).


Deadmau5 explains why he left Twitter!

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Few hours ago, Joel Zimmerman better known as Deadmau5 suspended his twitter account deleting all his tweets and released 7-new tracks under a set named “7” via Souncloud where each production represented one of the 7 deadly sins. These 7-tracks represent deadmau5′ ability to create quality music and his talent to make beautiful sounding melodic piano riffs.

But it all came with a price of deadmau5 giving up the control of his twitter account and in place passing it on to his management. Now, the Canadian superstar took to tumblr to explain the reason why he left the twitter world and how he’ll divert his focus into making music now.

Hit past the break to read up what the mau5 had to say!

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Amazon to add Postgres to its most-favored database list


Amazon(s amzn) plans to add Postgres database support to its relational database service or RDS. That would put Postgres (aka PostgreSQL) on an RDS roster that already includes MySQL, Microsoft(s msft) SQL Server, and Oracle(s orcl) databases.

That news is slated to come out at the AWS re:Invent show this week. Amazon did not respond to request for comment but sources said that open-source Postgres is definitely taking its place among top-tier supported databases in the RDS pantheon.

Amazon’s RDS service lets developers launch databases without having to sweat the details of how many servers need to be deployed etc. One show attendee said this would be a big deal in his shop because his DBAs prefer Postgres to MySQL. Before users could run Postgres on Amazon but it required a lot of fiddling and set up. If Postgres is an official RDS entry much of that busywork would disappear…

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Exclusive Interview with Paul Van Dyk!

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For more than two decades, the world has known Paul van Dyk as one of Germany’s most noted musicians and as one of the ultimate superstars of electronic music. As an artist, DJ and producer, he has surpassed numerous milestones throughout his career, including having sold more than 3.5 million albums and being twice voted the world’s No.1 DJ. His sensational DJ sets also known to attract expansive crowds across each continent. Apart from the world of music, Paul’s extracurricular exploits are unmatched and during his extensive travels, Paul has been both an established figure for the youth and also a musical ambassador for re-united Germany. Closer to home – both geographically and personally – his social enterprise work in Berlin includes his charity Rückenwind, which has led to regular dialogue with Germany’s politicians and policy makers on diverse issues. Truly an exceptional figure, he is Paul van Dyk.

Interestingly, Paul…

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Markus Schulz – Remember This (Original Mix)

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Markus Schulz - Remember This (Original Mix)

One of the supreme and most significant artists of all time is of course Markus Schulz well known as ‘The Unicorn Slayer’ for his dark big room trance sound. This must be definitely a big surprise for a lot of people to see Markus Schulz on Mainstage Music i.e. the very successful record label of W & W. Following ‘Scream’, ‘Tempted’ and ‘Nothing Without Me’, this one has got the ‘Unicorn Slayer’ effect in all its glory.

Remember This’ the new track by Markus, will be remembered and recalled for long undoubtedly. Dark and lively,  the track is filled with punches and is the most trancier release until now on Mainstage Music. With his incredible touch and emotions, Markus serves us a beautiful track which is a pure pleasure for the ears.

Label bosses W&W slammed it into the Essential Mix…

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Ivan Gough, Walden & Jebu feat. Penelope Austin – Home (Original Mix) [Preview]

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Ivan Gough, Walden & Jebu feat Penelope Austin-Home

One of Australia’s home grown electronic dance music talent, Ivan Gough most famous for his track ‘In My Mind‘ with Axwell has just previewed “Home” in collaboration with a multitude of artists from Walden, jebu and finally the vocals of Penelope Austin. The song is slated for release on 9th  December on Big Beat Records.

The audio delight begins with engaging vocals of Penelope Austin which are deep and prolonged. To build the energy simple piano chords are introduced right from the beginning and then an almost theatre like feeling rains down upon the track. “Home” is a beautifully composed with the usual progressive chords introduced at a much later stage in the track, highlighting Ivan Gough’s exceptional skills to bring together new collaborations.

The other two artists Jebu & Walden are prodigies from the Australian Dance Music scene who have shown the…

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