Born and grown up in 1980 in the former DDR, Fatalgroove discovered already in the mid 90s, in the age of 15, electronic music. In the early years of the techno movement he was amazed by Trance and Progressive Techno and already lived for his music. So it came that he had his first gigs with 17, back then in Cottbus (Ger), until he moved to Düsseldorf (Ger), meanwhile in the age of 18, to find his luck in western Germany. And he found it, being taken up with the Progressive Techno Style completely. Being one of the few DJs and producers these days that saw and shaped those “golden years” them very selves, he owns a absolutely unique style, not comparable at all. Technical perfected and always something extraordinary about his sound. After some years in the techno scene, he began to organize his own events and founded a promotion agency, focusing on the development and encouragement of young artists and newcomer.  Some of the biggest and hippest locations he filled in this time were the Tor 3 (Düsseldorf), Kult Kontor (Wuppertal) and the Coopido (Neuss). From 2004 till 2007 he took a creative break from the active DJ business to build up his agency (today know as Decksharks.com / Decksharks-Records). Since 2007 he is back, serving a stunning mix somewhere between his very own Progressive Style and the modern Minimal Techno, making his tracks and sets unique and himself a guarantor for a dancing crowd, touring through Europe and seizing the party peoples hearts!

Clubs: Tor 3 Düsseldorf, Kultkontor Wuppertal, Coopido Neuss, Con-Sum Düsseldorf, Club Empire Röhl, Butan Wuppertal, Pachanga / Tunnel Linz (AT), Böllerbauer (AT), Freizeitpark Micheldorf (AT), Showtime (NL) Fly Prambachkirchen (AT), Fort Bourguignon (HR), Panic-Club Düsseldorf and more…!!!

Events: one Night one Family(c)´98, HFk Thüringen , SchranzGewittEr Düsseldorf / Thüringen, Rhein Connection Düsseldorf, Union Rave Düsseldorf, RheinArea @ Butan Wuppertal, Techno 5 Düssleldorf, Burn The Night Mare @ Speedy J Live Düsseldorf, United Dj Battel Wuppertal, So Klingt der Sommer Berlin / BrB, Sunflower (AT), United Street Parade(AT), Electronic Beatz(AT), Tekkno Invasion Düsseldorf, Kick Off! International DJ Tour (NL) and more…!!!

Played also: Gayle San, Brixton, Speedy J,Michael Paul, Massimo, Chris Liebing, Monika Kruse, Torsten Kanzler, Marco Remus, Takkio Ishino, Ken Ishi, W.J.Henze, Plank, Audiotechture, Roland Casper, Viper XXL, Marco Carrera, ALEX T.C, Noire, MarcSander, Xentrix, Jan Liefhebber, Marco Zaffarano, Leeroy Thornhil @ The Prodigy and more…!!!

Radio: The Electric Room Antenne Düsseldorf, Essential Tune & Cybrix Radio

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