AM-Concept – Abendland (ABST001)

AM_Concept - Abendland (ABST001)

AM-Concept – Abendland (ABST001)

Abstract Space Records debuts with an attractive 3 track EP from the long-time German duo Andre & Martin, better known as AM-Concept, previously released at Decksharks Records, Progrezo Records, Atlant Digital, Green Snake, Visceral. Tracks for Abendland EP have been chosen in such a way that together make up an exquisite bouquet for real music lovers.

Abendland – A spacey intro prepares you for this emotional journey. Beginning with a deep bassline to further set the mood you are soon carried away into depths of this track. Falling into the abyss of this massive breakdown you are greeted with a wonderful panning melody for that extra trippy effect.

Freigeist – Spacey guitars melodies and a plucky bassline are the theme of this dreamy progressive journey. Coming out of the soft and beautifully melodic breakdown things getting heavier with powerful lead guitar there to hammer-on with bassline until slowly drifting out.

Akkustikrausch – Dancing on the edge of deep house and techno we groove right along through this multilayered track. A bright xylophone melody takes us through breakdown continuing back into to the main groove.  Please enjoy and fly together with the sound!

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