Markus Schulz – Remember This (Original Mix)

The Bangin Beats

Markus Schulz - Remember This (Original Mix)

One of the supreme and most significant artists of all time is of course Markus Schulz well known as ‘The Unicorn Slayer’ for his dark big room trance sound. This must be definitely a big surprise for a lot of people to see Markus Schulz on Mainstage Music i.e. the very successful record label of W & W. Following ‘Scream’, ‘Tempted’ and ‘Nothing Without Me’, this one has got the ‘Unicorn Slayer’ effect in all its glory.

Remember This’ the new track by Markus, will be remembered and recalled for long undoubtedly. Dark and lively,  the track is filled with punches and is the most trancier release until now on Mainstage Music. With his incredible touch and emotions, Markus serves us a beautiful track which is a pure pleasure for the ears.

Label bosses W&W slammed it into the Essential Mix…

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