Ivan Gough, Walden & Jebu feat. Penelope Austin – Home (Original Mix) [Preview]

The Bangin Beats

Ivan Gough, Walden & Jebu feat Penelope Austin-Home

One of Australia’s home grown electronic dance music talent, Ivan Gough most famous for his track ‘In My Mind‘ with Axwell has just previewed “Home” in collaboration with a multitude of artists from Walden, jebu and finally the vocals of Penelope Austin. The song is slated for release on 9th  December on Big Beat Records.

The audio delight begins with engaging vocals of Penelope Austin which are deep and prolonged. To build the energy simple piano chords are introduced right from the beginning and then an almost theatre like feeling rains down upon the track. “Home” is a beautifully composed with the usual progressive chords introduced at a much later stage in the track, highlighting Ivan Gough’s exceptional skills to bring together new collaborations.

The other two artists Jebu & Walden are prodigies from the Australian Dance Music scene who have shown the…

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