Exclusive Interview with Paul Van Dyk!

The Bangin Beats

For more than two decades, the world has known Paul van Dyk as one of Germany’s most noted musicians and as one of the ultimate superstars of electronic music. As an artist, DJ and producer, he has surpassed numerous milestones throughout his career, including having sold more than 3.5 million albums and being twice voted the world’s No.1 DJ. His sensational DJ sets also known to attract expansive crowds across each continent. Apart from the world of music, Paul’s extracurricular exploits are unmatched and during his extensive travels, Paul has been both an established figure for the youth and also a musical ambassador for re-united Germany. Closer to home – both geographically and personally – his social enterprise work in Berlin includes his charity Rückenwind, which has led to regular dialogue with Germany’s politicians and policy makers on diverse issues. Truly an exceptional figure, he is Paul van Dyk.

Interestingly, Paul…

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