Brixton – Back

back2back techno or house... whaas up

back2back techno or house… whaas up

Brixton was born in Oppeln, Poland. In 1983 he moved with his family to the Rheinland area in Germany. Highly influenced by the early electronic disco sounds of the 80s, he started playing his first electronic DJ-sets at the legendary Space-Club in Cologne in 1988. From this day on he knew that electronic music would be with him for the rest of his life. In the following years his sets took over all well-known European clubs by storm.

In 1990, after several successful years behind the turntables, Brixton released his first record on Boo Rec. Not long after, he released many tracks under various old-school techno labels such as “Analog-Records”, “Drop Bass Network”, “U-turn” and “EMF”. In 1994 Brixton was ready to go his own way and founded the label “Holzplatten”, which quickly became a platform for international DJs and artists in the German speaking regions. In 1997, he introduced the newest Electronic Dance Music releases on his Radio show “Subsonic”, broadcasted weekly on Evosonic, a radio station dedicated to electronic dance music.

Brixton produced and played Techno of the widest variety, from banging Acid-Techno to the more modern, simply structured Minimal-Techno. In the following years, after over 30 releases on “Holzplatten”, Brixton founded the labels “Kazumi”, “SimpleMuzik” ,”Brachial” and “su:real”, to give new and young artists the chance to gain recognition for their innovative music.

His EP “Wir lieben Techno” was the last physical record release on “Holzplatten” in September 2006. After that his labels released their tracks almost exclusively online. In 2008 he started to focus only on his crazy live acts and unique DJ-sets, while he spent less and less time in the studio. Even though he didn’t produce a single track in the next years, Brixton’s prestige as a musician kept growing, because of his mind-blowing performances.

During 2012 he travelled around the globe for about 6 months supporting his friend Loco Dice as his Tour Manager, experiencing the unique lifestyle of a world class DJ, getting to know many clubs in different continents. He would have never imagined how this experience allowed him to see that people, no matter where they come from, enjoy music and get the same feeling of happiness and freedom that he felt himself in his early days.

This was the starting point and motivation to go back to the studio to start to produce his own tracks again. But this time he is not alone, Björn Bommersheim, one of the many artists Brixton featured on his labels in the past, joined him in the studio. He has become Brixton’s counterpart and perfect co-producer, spending many hours with him producing tracks in the studio. Nowadays, after 25 years into his career, Brixton is feeling younger and fresher than ever before. His sound has become deeper and groovier, while his techno roots can still be heard in each and every one of his tracks.

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