Tim Engelhardt – Too Far From You

Tim Engelhardt - Too Far From You

Tim Engelhardt – Too Far From You

Tim Engelhardt is back on PMP with a 4-track EP, following last years’ ‘All Eyes On You‘, which was quite successful. He relies on his signature elements on this release: Emotive melodies, rich basslines, vibrant and fluffy percussion and elaborate atmospheres.

The title track ‘It Matters To Me’ starts with sounding pretty empty before the bassline kicks in and a bouncy string-loop arises, but continuously evolves to a summery breeze of jazzy rhodes licks, expressive strings, a tiny but effective filtered saw sequence and tender piano chords, which will aid the record to stay in your hearts forever. Next up is ‘The Kiss‘, which is a beautiful mellow track, where you can really feel Tim’s passion for floating and emotive soundscapes. This track is just perfect for every sundown you will witness this year.

The b-side starts with the powerful ‘About A Moment’, a bass-heavy record which portrays just a situation, a moment the listener should witness too, that’s what this track is about.. fall into frenzy and feel for yourself.

Rounding up the release, he recorded the track ‘Teardrop‘, whose swirling synth lines and heavy baselines are simply capturing and hypnotizing you, before you wake up in the break, which sounds a bit wistful and full of desire, just to get kicked back into the actual main theme of the record. A track to get lost in.

As a digital bonus, he made the track ‘Too Far From You’, that is a far slower gem than the other ones. It starts with unusual glitches and percussions, which, at least in the first seconds, don’t make any sense in relation the groove, but they adapt quite nice during the song, which has also got heavily edited vocals, sung by Philipp Ludwig. All in all, a very artistic release with sense for the perfect groove, lush melodies and rich basses.

track / remix requests: andy@playmusic-productions.com
press contact / general stuff: andy@playmusic-productions.com

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