Echocity 03 Show on Insomniafm 18. Jan. 2012

Echocity / Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 16:00 CET

Echocity / Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 16:00 CET

Dear All 🙂 i am inviting You to the next episode of my radio show Echocity 003 on which will be presented by dear friend and respected mate Fatalgroove, a DJ / ProducerLabel owner from Germany !!! Show on Insomniafm: Echocity, Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 16:00 CET präs. by Leilam

Biography (Fatalgroove)
Born and grown up in 1980 in the former DDR, Fatalgroove discovered already in the mid 90s, in the age of 15, electronic music. In the early years of the techno movement he was amazed by Trance and Progressive Techno and already lived for his music. So it came that he had his first gigs with 17, back then in Cottbus (Ger), until he moved to Düsseldorf (Ger), meanwhile in the age of 18, to find his luck in western Germany. And he found it, being taken up with the Progressive Techno Style completely. Being one of the few DJs and producers these days that saw and shaped those “golden years” them very selves, he owns a absolutely unique style, not comparable at all. Technical perfected and always something extraordinary about his sound. After some years in the techno scene, he began to organize his own events and founded a promotion agency, focusing on the development and encouragement of young artists and newcomer. Some of the biggest and hippest locations he filled in this time were the Tor 3 (Düsseldorf), Kult Kontor (Wuppertal) and the Coopido (Neuss). From 2004 till 2007 he took a creative break from the active DJ business to build up his agency (today know as / Decksharks-Records). Since 2007 he is back, serving a stunning mix somewhere between his very own Progressive Style and the modern Minimal Techno, making his tracks and sets unique and himself a guarantor for a dancing crowd, touring through Europe and seizing the party peoples hearts!


Biography (Leilam)

For a very long time Leilam consider herself only as a music freak, audio junkie adicted to the sound, but in a short time she merit the respect from her colleagues all around the world and got herself a significant status in a Electronic Music world. Participatating croatian scene since it’s early beginnings, she dedicate already more then half of her life to Electronic Music. When she was 24, Leilam got herself seriously into it. Downloading DJ sets, exploaring new DJ names, listening tracks, surching for track IDs, analizing DJ sets, analizing tracks, following producers, artists, labels, recognizing DJ stiles..just going deeper and deeper into the whole thing. Spending all her free time on music, exploaring all stiles, listening for hours, days and years without break. Finally she could really understand it. It became her life. For her it was more then just music. It was her life stile.

Greek DJ Thomas Summer, was the one who pushed her into the whole mixing thing. For her it was like entering some secret and saint teritory. She was allways on the other side in this world. In crowd. Not overthere. Up there. But she saw it as a natural step in story. Challendge. Overview of her personal knowledge, feeling, touch.. Leilam was lucky to have so many dear people, respected friends from the profession who were listening, giving advices, showing her that she may be able to do it in the way that is made for it to be done. With the time she develop her own stile. Aldough her basic genere is Progressive House, she combines it with Tech and Minimal, always ussing wicked, crazy tracks, very powerfull and uplifting with a strong groove, emotion and deep drive.

Not only that she was making music but she was involved, and stil is, in a lot of other different ways in Electronic Music world..writting bio’s for different artist, working with labels as release reviewer, organizing events in Croatia and over the Europe. In 2011 she gat the offer from famous hungarian producer and artist Cristian Paduraru to be a part of his project and make a dj set of 20 tracks, new releases on one of his labels, that will be pushed to millions in upcoming years. Later she started to work with Cristian Paduraru at his Christian Records Label.

During this time she made her brake with her guset mix’s on mostly all important Radio Stations in the world such as: Bettunes, Pure.FM, Insomniafm, Frisky Radio, SSRadio UK, Innervisions Radio, Ascolta Radio, Liquid Radio..playing side by side with some dear friends and colleagues: Logiztic Sounds, Hassan Rassmy, Arthur Sense, Herc Kass, Burak Yildrim, Harry Hearing, Deep Cult, Alex Athinaios and many other. In 2011 she started production together with her mentor Stanisha, respected Serbian DJ and producer, she entered this other level in Electronic Music world. So we can say that from Leilam the best things are jet to come in a future period.

Show on Insomniafm: Echocity / Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 16:00 CET

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