Seeing the name DJ Chus on a release is one of those reassuring marks of quality where you know that whatever lies inside is going to be something truly irresistible. And, it should go without saying, you know it’s going to be a heavily tribal affair. The master teams up with Supernova on this new release to give his Iberican trademark sound a little of that Italian tech flavour.  Italoberican Grooves gives you little room for manoeuvre. It’s a case of DANCE, or else.

This audio imperative is concocted by way of throbbing bass, punchy kick and taut clap, and most importantly layers and lashings of rolling tribal percussion that combine to create a swirling torrent of rhythm and tonal atmospherics. Topped off with a hypnotic vocal chant, it harks back to the golden age of tribal 2 before things went all deep and minimal. An instrumental is supplied for those who want to keep it percussive, and a vocal tool-a-pella for those wishing for some extra weapons to add spice to their sets.

The Lapsus Dub is on a similar tip, yet with the techno factor turned up a few notches. Bigger hi-hats, rumbling fills and bugged-out vocal FX add more layers of intensity, the track pounding along like a steamroller. Its energy is relentless, and should see this release get strong support in the techier community.


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